IBM Cloud and F5 Networks Extend Partnership for Highly Available and Scalable Cloud Services

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Today’s enterprise IT organizations are forced to confront and evaluate challenges from a broader business perspective unlike ever before. The decisions they make have a direct impact to the top and bottom line, and the demands levied on them to support the company’s mission only grow. IBM Cloud and F5 Networks understand these challenges. Building on a long-standing partnership, over the last several months IBM Cloud and F5 have collaborated on a solution to give IT organizations the flexibility to increase capacity, adapt to change, and stay ahead of evolving business demands.


“Apps are paramount to users, and F5’s flexible application services portfolio provides essential performance and security capabilities in the cloud, the data center, and everywhere in between. Extending our offerings on the IBM Cloud platform gives an even broader range of customers the opportunity to deploy the solutions they trust in increasingly distributed IT environments,” said Calvin Rowland, SVP Business Development for F5.


In Q4 this year, the F5 BIG-IP Virtual Editions (VEs) product suite will be available on the IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions. The VEs offer the same breadth of features available in hardware solutions, which includes advanced traffic management, acceleration, DNS, firewall, and access management BIG-IP products are known for, all in software designed for virtual, cloud, and hybrid environments. Organizations will have the ability to order and deploy F5 VEs for automated integration with VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware vCenter Server platforms on IBM Cloud via a dedicated solutions portal. The goal is to help businesses seamlessly extend operations across the hybrid cloud with the familiarity of VMware and F5 technologies. Built on a simple and consistent deployment model, this agility will allow organizations to go from months to days to deploy a highly available, agile, and efficient environment for optimizing application services.

“F5 on the IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions portfolio maps to IBM’s strategic imperatives because it allows IBM Cloud to provide a secure, high performance, hybrid cloud experience for the Enterprise,” said Zane Adam, Vice President of Product and Engineering at IBM. “Hybrid cloud capabilities and a seamless transition from on-prem are high on the priority list for our clients. By providing more choice, specifically industry leading technologies that support their current standard policies, IBM Cloud can help accelerate adoption, and clients can expect a unified and consistent experience. F5 is big part of this mission, and when you add the self-service automation support behind this story, you get a compelling reason to build on the IBM Cloud.”


With F5 on IBM Cloud, the confines that often characterize the operational challenges between on-prem and the cloud are addressed. The ability to offer choice for an industry standard product set and simplify deployment will enable the market-leading installed base of VMware and F5 Clients to replicate their on-prem infrastructure onto a seamless, hybrid model running on IBM Cloud. For greenfield organizations, this will support their ability to quickly access the IBM cloud and take advantage of the expanding partner ecosystem to address their business challenges. Learn more about the F5 BIG-IP Virtual Editions (VEs) product suite and IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions.


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Offering Manager - IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

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