IBM Cloud Platform and Fortinet Extend Partnership for Open and Scalable Cloud Security Services

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Fortinet and IBM have been long-standing partners, and today’s announcement marks yet another significant milestone in our joint commitment to lead and accelerate cloud adoption for global enterprises.  The latest integration of FortiGate virtual appliances on IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions, available in Q4 through the IBM Cloud portal, brings comprehensive security to workloads on IBM Bluemix with a rich set of virtualized firewall functionality, including security gateway, intrusion prevention, and web application security.  The Fortinet solutions also offer DevOps extensibility and transparent operational scalability across both public and private clouds.

“The IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions partner ecosystem keeps growing and we are proud to have Fortinet join this stellar group” said Zane Adam, vice president of Product and Engineering at IBM. “Security is one of our main focuses and a top priority for our clients. Fortinet technology has been a key component of IBM managed security services ecosystem for IBM Cloud.”  With this Fortinet announcement we know that we have a best-in-class technology solution that meets our clients security needs.

VMware’s partnership with IBM Cloud paved the way for businesses around the world, which have relied heavily on VMware solutions for on-premise data centers, to seamlessly extend both security and operations across the hybrid cloud with the familiarity of VMware Cloud technologies.  FortiGate VM’s longstanding support for VMware vSphere and NSX now extends to IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions, ensuring that IBM Bluemix customers can maintain application availbility and operational readiness for enterprise workloads with effective security optimized for VMware platforms. Fortinet Security Fabric solutions, such as FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer complete the end-to-end cloud security solution with single pane of glass management, policy management and full-featured threat analytics.

“As enterprises transition more applications and workloads from their data centers to hybrid network environments, maintaining consistent security policies and visibility are a top priority,” said Matt Pley, vice president of Cloud, Carrier and Strategic Service Providers at Fortinet. “Extending the Fortinet Security Fabric virtualized solutions to the IBM Bluemix Cloud platform, provides our joint customers with a seamless, comprehensive cloud security offering.”

Furthermore, Fortinet’s partnership with IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions solidifies our strength of being a solution that meets compliance needs, including GDPR. As many companies know, GDPR is designed to give individuals better control over their personal data and to establish one single set of data protection rules across the EU. Companies are required to “implement appropriate technical and organizational measures” in relation to the nature, scope, context and purposes of their handling and processing of personal data. Data protection safeguards must be designed into products and services from the earliest stages of development. Come May 2018, these new GDPR guidelines will be in full effect across the EU, making this partnership key in our push to provide a solution that ensures that our joint customers’ data is protected and in compliance.

By accelerating application mobility across the hybrid cloud, IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions is blurring the boundaries that often distinguish the operational challenges between private and public clouds. FortiGate virtual appliances can provide deep traffic inspection regardless of where applications and data are migrating or residing, with consistent or different security postures across the cloud as defined by the organization rules.  Fortinet further provides secure site-to-site VPN connectivity between IBM Bluemix and the private cloud for application mobility, while also ensuring end-to-end Layer 7 traffic segmentation to prevent application, user or data leakage between clouds. Organizations may want to restrict highly sensitive applications and data, or conversely less sensitive applications, to one part of the hybrid cloud. Learn more about Fortinet’s hybrid cloud solutions.

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