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Fleet tracking the Mauritius way

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Naveo One’s IOT data focuses on issues specific to Africa, like fuel theft

With the Internet of Things becoming a reality, organizations are increasingly turning to real-time data solutions to track and manage assets more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Naveo developed its cloud-based Naveo One fleet management platform to help its customers — the leading companies in the island nation of Mauritius — do just that.

“The Naveo One solution empowers our customers to monitor and manage everything from vehicle tracking, asset maintenance and driver management to remote tank monitoring or meter reading,” says Bilal Nanhuck, Director of Sales Development for Naveo.

Setting sights on the future

Building on its success in Mauritius, Naveo has its sights set on further expansion. “Mauritius as a country is very focused on developing into Africa, and we want to be part of this wave,” says Nanhuck.

Naveo designed its Naveo One platform to meet the specific needs of an African customer base.

“We studied the market and found that most fleet management solutions are international solutions — they’re not created for African customers,” says Nanhuck. “We believe we can make a difference with a locally developed solution.”

“For example, fleet management devices for the American or European markets are designed to plug in to vehicles, but most vehicles in Africa do not have the necessary ports,” he continues. “Our solution is completely adapted for the African market.”

Plus, fleet managers in Africa face different concerns and challenges. “Fuel theft is not a major issue in American or European markets,” says Nanhuck. “But it’s a big problem for customers in African markets and Mauritius, so our focus is very different.”

To extend its offering across Africa, Naveo needed a highly reliable hosting platform. “When moving into the African continent, you cannot count on things like continuous power and reliable network connectivity,” says IBM representative Yusuf Assenjee.

After testing SoftLayer cloud technology, Naveo launched its fleet management solution in a SoftLayer environment. “We did a trial and saw a clear-cut difference with SoftLayer in terms of stability,” says Nanhuck.

Naveo is also exploring the cloud-based IBM Bluemix development platform to enhance its Naveo One solution. “Naveo is interested in providing analytics that offer insight into how a customer fleet is being used,” says Assenjee. “With Bluemix, the company can do rapid prototyping and testing of new features.”

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