Webinar: Rapidly developing applications with microservices

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Interacting with customers online is now a requirement of doing business in most markets. Since customers go online primarily with mobile devices, and expect more from online experiences in life contexts, businesses expect IT teams to deliver and improve customer-facing applications more rapidly.

Microservice application architectures succeed by reducing the components that deliver a user experience into small, modular services that are independently deployed and operated. Microservices minimize the need for communication and collaboration across different development teams, promoting faster iterations wherever needed.

In this webinar, IBM STSM Gang Chen and Rick Osowski, and IBM CTO Roland Barcia discuss the important aspects of microservices by focusing on a specific cloud enhanced and cloud native microservice reference applications. They deploy an app on a managed Kubernetes service and explain the benefits of doing DevOps within that environment. Gang, Rick, and Roland will conclude by answering your questions.


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