IBM Bluemix Dedicated for GitHub Enterprise

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IBM Bluemix Dedicated for GitHub Enterprise (Dedicated GitHub) is the IBM Cloud-hosted and fully managed version of GitHub Enterprise, available for Dedicated Bluemix environments. GitHub provides the social coding experience that developers love. Bluemix Dedicated provides a next-generation, cloud computing environment on physically isolated hardware, integrated into your network. It’s a perfect match.

How it works

The current implementation of Dedicated GitHub follows the standard best practices for setup, as described by GitHub. In addition to the regular GitHub Enterprise server, Dedicated GitHub includes a warm standby, a backup server, a client access server (CAS) for single sign-on, and other servers for consumption-based monitoring.

GitHub Enterprise Architecture

To ensure that you run smoothly, IBM implements monitoring, including basic ping, CPU, and storage monitors.

IBM also provides more sophisticated consumption-based monitors that are tailored to specific GitHub operations. For example, the site might be up, but for some reason, you can’t clone a repository. If you’re editing GitHub Issues, this problem might seem minor, but if you’re working on the code, it’s critical. IBM continuously verifies that Dedicated GitHub is working for you.

Try it today

Get the GitHub development experience without the hassle of running and maintaining your own GitHub site. Use a single sign-on Dedicated GitHub for your business that is fast, secure, monitored, highly available, and backed up regularly to guard against disaster. You and your users are supported so that you can concentrate on developing your applications rather than maintaining your tools.

Check out Dedicated GitHub today!

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