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Introducing four new IBM Cloud data centers in London, San Jose, and Sydney

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We’ve launched four new global data centers: two in London and one each in San Jose and Sydney. IBM is expanding its cloud footprint to meet enterprise demand—and upping our combined data center count to 59 across 19 countries.

Get access to high performance and cognitive services

Handling big data workloads with high performance is a top priority for any IBM data center. With over 160 APIs and services ranging from AI, blockchain, big data, and IoT needs, our new data centers give you access to best-in-class cloud infrastructure and cognitive services.

Your privacy and security matter

We know you want your data nearby for higher performance and lower latency—without sacrificing regulatory peace of mind. We were one of the first to sign the Cloud Provider Code of Conduct and the EU Data Protection Code of Conduct for Cloud Service Providers. We keep a close watch on country-specific requirements to comply with the latest governmental security and regulatory standards—so you get to rest easy.

Get to know our new data centers


Two of our new data centers launched in the capital of the United Kingdom, bringing the current total in London to five—with plans to add one more in 2017. In anticipation of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations), we built our London data centers for state-of-the-art privacy and security. These key data centers are located within 40 kilometers of each other to allow for seamless split workloads across more than one site.

San Jose

Our third data center in Silicon Valley and No. 23 in the US, our new San Jose data center offers a full range of cloud infrastructure services (bare metal, virtual, storage, security services, networking) with the capacity for thousands of physical servers.


Identical to our other in-country locations, we built our fourth Australian data center to offer a complete set of IRAP-certified cloud bare metal, private, and public virtual servers—along with award-winning object storage.

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