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Deprecation: Single and Scalable Group Container Service in Bluemix Dedicated and Local

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We are excited that the IBM Bluemix Container Service with Kubernetes has now gone live. IBM Bluemix Container Service now combines Docker and Kubernetes to deliver powerful tools, an intuitive user experience, and built-in security and isolation. The service leverages cloud services and Watson’s cognitive capabilities to enable rapid delivery of applications. It provides access to all of the DevOps capabilities of Kubernetes including rolling updates to support zero-downtime deployments of new versions.

With the move toward Kubernetes, the older architecture (single containers and container groups) will be retired. We encourage you to transition to the Kubernetes-based container service immediately to take advantage of the inherent Kubernetes capabilities as well as those provided by IBM. Please note that this affects all regions.  All of your images stored within the IBM Bluemix Container Registry will remain after the deprecation.  The capabilities provided by Vulnerability Advisor will remain as well.

IBM will work with existing Dedicated and Local customers on a transition to the new Kubernetes-based offering.   With the new architecture, all IBM Bluemix Container Service Kubernetes clusters are dedicated by design and deployed within the public cloud. Public is simply a statement that the IBM Bluemix Container Service is available from a public endpoint and not a statement of the isolation level of the resources provisioned by the service.

Bluemix Local has been replaced with the IBM Cloud private offering.

What you need to know:


  • End of Marketing: As of August 11, 2017, the single container and container group part numbers will be removed from the IBM SQO ordering database. We highly encourage all the users of the old architecture to migrate to the new Kubernetes-based offering.


  • End of Support: Existing users of the single container and container group service will be supported through June 20, 2018.


What you need to do:

Prior to the End of Support date, June 20, 2018, you must:

  • Migrate your workload to the new Kubernetes-based IBM Bluemix Container Service
  • On June 20, 2018, we will delete your existing single containers and container groups infrastructure.

For help with migration plan, see the docs.

Join the discussion on Slack with questions or comments.  If you cannot automatically join, please email

Program Director, Offering Management, IBM Kubernetes Service & IBM Container Registry

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