New Pricing for Watson Discovery Service

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On August 1, 2017, we will be launching a brand-new pricing approach and pricing plans for Watson Discovery Service that is more simple and flexible.

Watson Discovery is a cognitive search and content analytics engine that enables you to quickly find value from any data.  Whether you want to find answers, surface patterns, or monitor trends, Watson Discovery allows you to quickly extract the most relevant information from your own data.  Additionally, Watson Discovery includes the world’s news enriched with natural language processing enabling you to find insights from news and blog content for highly targeted search and trend analysis.

In response to customer feedback, we have simplified our pricing and are offering flexibility with new plans.

Here’s the scoop on what is changing:

  • Simplified Charge Metric: Instead of environment size and enrichments, we are switching to a simple charge metric of number of documents stored in the service. This not only simplifies determining the right plan for your use case, but also enables you to refresh documents frequently without worrying about enrichment overages.
  • Introducing the Lite Plan: Instead of a limited 30-day free trial, you can now continue to benefit from a free version of the service beyond the trial period.
  • New Standard Plan: The new standard plan begins at only $10/month. This plan is primarily intended for small scale projects and prototypes that don’t demand high performance that is available with higher tier plans.
  • Current Standard Plan will become Advanced Plan: While maintaining similar capabilities as the current Standard Plan, the Advanced Plan will offer reserved storage and other performance benefits and begins at only $1000/month.

There are no changes to custom model pricing. You will continue to benefit from the lower pricing for custom models that was announced in March.

There are also no pricing changes for Watson Discovery News. You will continue to be charged $0.10/query in the paid plans once you exhaust your Lite Plan allowance of 1000 free news queries/month.

All users will be auto-migrated per the following diagram to the new plans on August 1, 2017. Absolutely no action is required from you. However, your billing and usage will be calculated based on the new pricing. More information will be available within our documentation when the changes go live on August 1, 2017. If you have any questions, please reach out on our forums – we would love to hear from you!

Discovery Pricing Change Timeline Discovery Pricing Changes

GTM Lead Offering Manager, Watson Discovery Portfolio

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