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Lite Plan For Push Notifications Service on Bluemix

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Push Notification Service on Bluemix allows you to engage with mobile and web users by sending real time messages. You can send messages to individual user, a set of targeted users or to all users.

Push Notification Service now has a new Lite Plan !  With the launch of this plan , you will now be able to send hundred thousand digital messages free of charge.



With the introduction of Lite Plan, you will be able to

  • Build Proof of Concept Mobile/ Web apps with user engagement
  • Leverage all the capabilities of the Push Notifications Service
  • Upgrade to production plan (Basic) with single click

If upgrading from Lite Plan you will be charged post 1 million digital messages starting from the current count where the Lite plan usage was clipped.

 Get Started Today

Sign up today and start building engaging mobile and web apps with Push Notification Service. Send notifications at scale to web and mobile users, obtain performance insights, leverage Push Notifications package for Whisk to send event based notifications and more. Refer to feature video’s and samples to get started

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