Integrate Rational Team Concert Into your toolchain

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Do you have an existing IBM Rational Team Concert server that you use for tracking and planning? You can now integrate this server in IBM Bluemix Continuous Delivery. This Rational Team Concert integration not only adds a card to your toolchain for quick access to your work items, it also adds tags to the work items that have been deployed. Such tags allow you to run powerful queries for tracking deployment of code changes as well as build useful Rational Team Concert dashboards.

The steps below explain how to enable the Git integration in Rational Team Concert to automatically create links to Git commits in Rational Team Concert work items.

Configure Rational Team Concert integration

As for other tool integrations, you can add Rational Team Concert integration to your toolchain by:

  1. Pressing the Add a Tool button
  2. Selecting Rational Team Concert in the list of available tools
  3. Configuring the integration

Check Track deployment of code changes to track your code changes using Rational Team Concert dashboards.

After you pressed the Create Integration button, you get a new card added to your toolchain. This card is linked to the Rational Team Concert project that you want to use for tracking and planning.

Configure a Git integration in Rational Team Concert

This step is optional. It allows you to have links to the Git commits automatically added in the Links view of the Rational Team Concert work item when the Git commit comment references this work item. Such comments would look like: “task 7244”.

Configuring a Git integration in Rational Team Concert is described in Integrating Rational Team Concert and Git.

Track your code changes using Rational Team Concert dashboards

Assuming you have checked Track deployment of code changes while configuring the Rational Team Concert integration, and that you referenced a work item in the Git commit comment, a successful deploy of your application will create a tag (e.g., deploy:prod) in the Rational Team Concert work item as well as a comment indicating that the work item is deployed.

Rational Team Concert comment

Thanks to the generated tag, you can now create a dashboard to track work items that have been deployed, work items that are closed but not deployed, what environments work items are deployed in, etc.


More information on tracking deployment of code changes can be found in Track where your code is deployed with toolchains.

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