IBM dashDB for Transactions and DB2 on Cloud are being renamed

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We’re making a few changes to the names of our offerings. As a result, we’re making changes to the Service Descriptions. This will go into effect on June 20th.

Below is a list of the name changes:

  • IBM dashDB Enterprise for Transactions will be named Db2 on Cloud as of June 20, 2017. The new terms will be posted here upon release.
  • DB2 on Cloud will be named Db2 Hosted. The new terms will be found here upon release.

As we approach the date, you’ll notice the renaming taking effect.

By rallying around the Db2 brand, we hope to bring more features to you quickly. Stay tuned for exciting announcements about new features on Thursday June 22nd at IBM’s Fast Track Your Data event! Reach out to us on Twitter if you have questions, and keep an eye on our Bluemix blog for more news and information about these changes.

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