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How to Upgrade from the Lite Plan to Paid Plans in the Watson IoT Platform

Dear Watson Internet of Things Platform Lite Plan users,

Thank you for your long time support for the Watson IoT Platform. We hope that you have enjoyed building cool IoT projects with us.

The Watson IoT Platform Lite Plan is now offering 500 registered devices, 500 application bindings, and 200MB of each of data exchanged, data analyzed and edge data analyzed free of charge each month.

Lite Plan instances that exceed 200MB of data exchanged, data analyzed or edge data analyzed in the month will be disabled at that point and resume service in the beginning of the following month. If you need more than 200MB, you can upgrade to the Standard Plan or the Advanced Security Plan, following the steps below. These pricing plans will provide our market leading rates for the usage above the free quota.

1. Upgrade to the Pay as You Go account

You can log into the Bluemix console, and go to the Bluemix billing page.

Click Add Credit Card to upgrade to the Pay as You Go Account.

2. Migrate your Lite Plan to the Standard Plan or the Advanced Security Plan

Bluemix offers one-click migration – you can move your proof of concept to production in one click.

  • Go the Bluemix Dashboard, and click your IoT Platform service.

  • Click “Plan”

  • Select “Standard Plan” or “Advanced Security Plan”. Click “Save”. And that’s it!

  • If you have further inquiries, you can go to Support to find answers or ask questions.


Watson IoT Platform offers comprehensive capabilities and the best pricing. To calculate the pricing, you can check

Watson IoT Platform



** For partners in the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program, please email to upgrade the account or click here for more contact information.

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