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We did it again: Introducing four new data centers in Dallas and Washington, D.C.

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To say we’ve been pretty busy these past few months is an understatement.

We know your business never stops growing. And because of that, neither do we. To keep meeting your cloud demands, we’ve launched four new IBM Cloud data centers—two in Dallas and two in Washington, D.C. Where you need more capacity, we’ve stepped up our game to meet those needs.

With almost 60 cloud data centers across six continents, we continue (and will continue) to expand our global network so you can provision cloud infrastructure wherever you do business and whenever you need it.

Each location in Dallas, DAL12 and DAL13, features an individual server capacity of 10,000 servers. They round out a Dallas data center family of 10 strong (including one dedicated to federal workloads). That’s a combined server capacity topping 150,000 servers! Completing a party of five in the U.S. capital (also including a location dedicated entirely to government business), Washington, D.C.’s WDC07 location boasts 10,000 servers and WDC06 checks in with a 6,000 server capacity. All told, that’s a combined server capacity of almost 50,000 servers. Any way you slice it, that’s plenty of infrastructure for you to digitize your business and operations and drive cognitive innovation through IBM Cloud.

IBM Cloud worldwide data center map

You may be wondering why we’d open new data centers in locations where we already had a few. Well, that proximity actually makes a lot of practical sense. When your workloads are geolocated in data centers connected across our private network, the time it takes to access your data is lightning fast. It also allows you to architect solutions that anticipate and preempt failures—which means you always have access to your workloads, no matter what happens.

So go ahead. Run your data and applications locally while you scale your business globally. We’ve got you covered.

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