Change in Terms: Notice for Bluemix Data Connect customers outside of US

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Last year we made the London Data Center an option when provisioning instances of Bluemix Data Connect so now users are able to choose a data center outside the US. We are notifying customers about a change in the Privacy Shield Privacy Policy for Certified IBM Cloud Services for the reason that data may temporarily migrate to a data center within the US in the event it becomes necessary to maintain availability.

What Happens Now?

Nothing is required of individual users or account administrators. This is simply a notification of a change in the terms governing the service. Please note that this change will go into effect on June 22, 2017.

For more details on the Privacy Shield Privacy Policy, please visit:

As always, we’re here to help! You can reach out to us on Stack Overflow, dW Answers, or @IBMBluemixHelp on Twitter.

Offering Manager, Watson

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