The ZUMATA experience: Using A.I. for your next hotel search

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ZUMATA is a technology platform that uses natural language processing and machine learning to uncover insights from vast amounts of unstructured data. At InterConnect 2017, Josh Ziegler will be presenting ZUMATA’s Intelligent Travel API during a speaking session. To add this speaking session to your InterConnect schedule or for more information on the presentation, go to this link.


ZUMATA’s Intelligent Travel API enables Artificial Intelligence for personalized hotel search experience. ZUMATA logoOur  research and development in Natural Language understanding, tone analysis, and image recognition reads and understands complex search requirements and matches users with the perfect hotel. With ZUMATA, you can optimize your client search experience, reduce operational cost and access information at the tip of your fingers. Our API understands the content and natural language queries, has the ability to identify patterns and logical connections, and learns from each interaction.

The goal is to make travel personal again by allowing customers to find the hotel that is perfect for their needs on a self-serve basis, or allow travel professionals unprecedented and accessible knowledge to appear as an expert of every part of the world. Increased relevance and convenience drives customer satisfaction and conversions for travel vendors.

Using ZUMATA on Bluemix

To use our service on IBM Bluemix, follow these simple instructional steps.

  1. First, if you don’t already have one, you’ll need to create a Bluemix account. Sign-up for the 30-day free trail now!
  2. Second, locate ZUMATA’s Intelligent Travel API Service on the Bluemix Catalog. It is listed under Services, classified as Application Services, or do a quick-search on the toolbar using the keyword “Intelligent”. For reference, see the image below.Screen shot of Zumata's service page on Bluemix
  3. Next, configure “Connect to” & “Service name” according to your needs. Fill in the “API Key” that you’ve received. To request an API Key, click here.Screen shot of how to configure Zumata on Bluemix
  4. Once the setup is complete, you should be able to start connecting Apps or Services with ZUMATA’s Intelligent Travel API.Create connection with ZUMATA

For more information on ZUMATA’s Intelligent Travel API, refer to our Swagger docs. See what you can build using ZUMATA!

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