Renaming of IBM Cloud Tools for Swift

As of version 1.6’s release, IBM Cloud Tools for Swift (ICT) supports Java and Node.js runtime deployments in addition to Swift. With ICT’s next release of version 1.7, we are making it more apparent by renaming ICT to IBM Cloud Application Tools (ICAT)!

ICAT is a developer tool for Mac users to deploy, manage and monitor applications on Bluemix. The tool’s initial intention was to be a part of a larger IBM initiative to bring Swift to the server. This being achieved with Kitura, ICAT has widened its reach by allowing developers to deploy an array of runtimes to the IBM Cloud.

Project Catalog

There has been a huge overhaul to our Project Catalog page to display the types of projects and their origins. An annotated image can be seen below:

As more projects are submitted and become available in ICAT, it will also become cumbersome for the user to sift through projects. This makes finding a project that is right for their skills difficult. Or even for the skills they want to learn and/or sharpen. The Project Catalog changes page aim to help the user better distinguish between the type of project and level of complexity they are working with.

App Submissions

My colleague, Rolando Asmat wrote a great article about submitting projects to be featured in previous versions of ICT. In previous versions, a user had to search for the project submission page because it wass buried in the Menu Bar. It is still there. In the version 1.7 release, our “Community Projects” section has a project card designated for submitting projects to ICAT (see below). The instructions are still the same for submitting a project from the project submission page.


With the renaming of ICT to IBM Cloud Application Tools and its new support for Java, Node and Swift runtime deployments, we have extended our view beyond Swift. We hope this will not confuse existing users by thinking this is a new offering from IBM. It still has the same Swift functionality and support as before but now extended to Java and Node runtimes.

If you have not already done so, download the IBM Cloud Application Tools Mac App. If you would like to submit any feedback to our team, please complete our survey.

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