Join Abby Kearns at IBM InterConnect, March 19-23 in Las Vegas!

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Republished from Cloud Foundry

Flying to Vegas for IBM InterConnect this weekend? Be sure to catch Executive Director Abby Kearns during one of her sessions at every single day of IBM’s biggest event of the year.

  • Sunday: Check out the Open Technology Summit from 4:00 to 7:00 PM, where leaders from IBM and innovative open technology communities including Cloud Foundry, Linux, OpenStack and more will share perspectives on the benefits of being open. This is an informal but informative event with a chance to grab a drink and network with industry visionaries. Abby’s on at 5:30! Use hashtag #IBMOTS. [Session ID: 6991A | Islander]
  • Monday: Get demystified on open cloud architecture with this enlightening panel featuring Abby, OpenStack Foundation Executive Director Jonathan Bryce and IBM VP of Open Technology Todd Moore. Starts at 4:15 PM! [Session ID: 4108A | South Pacific J]
  • Tuesday: Abby takes the stage at 11:30 AM with a keynote on the developers and cloud technologies — like Cloud Foundry and Bluemix — powering the current transindustrial digital transformation. How do we bring the consumer experience to the enterprise? Abby reveals the innovation at play in the world of cloud computing. [Session ID: 6355A | South Pacific E]
  • Wednesday: Kick off your morning with this panel featuring Abby and speakers from the open source world and analyst industry as they discuss the innovation possible in open source cloud infrastructure. [Session ID: 3386A | Surf F]

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