Conversation beyond the chatbot

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Natural language as a human interface is becoming more established, and more ‘normal’ every day – we see it in Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri – we’re seeing in chatbots layered onto Facebook messenger and Slack among other places.


Having built a couple of chatbots with Watson Conversation, and having explored a few other areas with natural language, I’ve become fascinated about the future potential of language models for automating process, and understanding us.

Over the coming month, I’m going to blog about, and share a new demo concept that I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. It uses a Watson Conversation workspace and Watson Natural Language Understanding as a simple domain knowledge model for analyzing and learning from unstructured written text.

I’ll present it first as a session at IBM InterConnect. If you’re attending, and you have questions about Bluemix, Watson Conversation or other Watson services, please message me @antonmc on Twitter –  I’d love to hear about what you’re building.



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