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Altoros and IBM Bluemix Enable a Multi-tenant Cloud Management Solution

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The Challenge

What does a company like Unigma, a managed infrastructure services provider, do if they want to provide a new multi-tenant cloud management platform to their customers, while unifying and simplifying infrastructure management?

They engage a strong worldwide software consultancy company like Altoros, who walks them through the choice of what cloud-native platform to use for that software delivery, and then helps them build that solution, accelerating their in-house development delivery far quicker than most software organizations.

The Details

Check out the full details here about the full experience – planning, platform decision, design, execution, test, and delivery – a compelling story:

The Results

The results? It’s just as good as you’d expect: a brand new purpose-built management platform for monitoring and automating multi-cloud infrastructures, as well as generating visually rich reports. Unigma dramatically facilitates DevOps work, helping with troubleshooting, operating across multiple clouds, scheduling tasks, etc. With a cost-analytics module, operators can also estimate how efficiently the cloud resources are utilized and get recommendations on how to cut infrastructure costs.

The Win

And at the end of the day, all technology players win:

  • Unigma accelerates their digital transformation with streamlined development processes they can use as they continue their development efforts.
  • Altoros shows their ability to deliver quality development projects quickly, on budget, and to spec, and showing how they can guide a customer properly through the technical, as well as the social change aspects of software solution delivery.
  • IBM Bluemix shows off not only the Cloud Foundry runtime application capability, but a complete suite of compute options and services to make delivering software on the cloud as rapid as possible.

You know who also wins? You! … if you engage the Altoros team and tell them you want your important cloud-native application delivered on the IBM Bluemix Cloud platform.

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