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In my last blog we kicked off a series of “how to” videos to help you quickly see value from monitoring your Bluemix Application. In case you missed that post, we just launched a new service to help you called Bluemix Availability Monitoring. It allows you to enter your webpage URLs or your public APIs for hands-free continuous monitoring and alerting from up to 15 geographic locations around the globe. We put together a short six-minute YouTube video demonstrating the capabilities to quickly get up and running.

The following additional videos can help you learn how to do more with Bluemix Availability Monitoring. For example, discover how to monitor a certain path through your application such as: login, shop for an item, and check out – to improve your confidence that your application is behaving overnight. If your application goes down, you can choose how you want to be alerted (email, SMS, voice or Slack).

The first video will set you up with a Bluemix application that will be used to explore the capabilities of Bluemix Availability Monitoring including monitoring REST APIs and Webpage load times.

The second video will get you set up with a simple REST API repeating test so you can look for problems, and configure timings for a repeating web page load.

The third video will show you how to record a path through your webpage so that same path can be repeated, and you can be alerted to changes in the response time.

The fourth video will cover validating a response from your webpage so you are aware if your application starts to act differently than you expect.

The fifth video in the series covers sending your alerts to a Slack channel so your whole DevOps team can access and respond to alerts from Bluemix Availability Monitoring.

For your reference, here is a Youtube playlist with all of the videos in the series.

Mike Mallo

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