Announcing … The winners of The Future of Finance Challenge!

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The Future of the Finance challenge came to a close on Jan. 23 after bringing together startups to share how they can revolutionize the financial industry. From a smart Chatbot helping you make better financial decisions to a mobile payment app using facial recognition to help secure payments and make them faster.

Venturespring, the international venture development studio, in conjunction with IBM, NatWest, Level 39 and Tech.London made up the judging panel. Each finalist had six minutes to pitch their concept before judges announced a winner. The winner receives £750,000 of investment, up to £2000 of venture development and growth support on a worldwide showcase.

Congratulations to the winner — Edgefolio!

Edgefolio is a hedge fund platform that connects investors & fund managers through data. They build cutting edge products for the fund management industry, from fund platforms to enterprise solutions serving larger clients. They won due to their innovative solution directed to a niche market. Edgefolio also had significant traction with ability to scale with an experienced team.

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In response to his team’s win, the Founder and CEO of Edgefolio, Léopold Gasteen shared:

“I’m humbled to have won given the caliber of the companies we were up against. The panel was made up of smart & thoughtful industry insiders, who asked the most insightful and challenging of questions, plus the setting was super relaxed — so the experience was not all daunting, but instead intellectually stimulating.”

The London Fintech ecosystem continues to thrive thanks to people like Cassie at Venturespring, who have made it their mission to put the super interesting people together in the right context.”

If you have an idea you would like to develop, you can start with IBM Bluemix! This cloud Platform as a Service, was used to develop all the apps in the competition. Qualify for a 30-day free trial here. You’ll have access to APIs like IBM Watson to build your own apps and revolutionize your industry.

Startups can also apply to the Global Entrepreneur Program, where up to $120k of credits are available to access. Please see the conditions to apply here.

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