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In ad tech, the right cloud infrastructure gets you past the competition

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In less than a second, you either win the eyes of a customer with your display ad—or you don’t. In the ad tech industry, transactions happen within milliseconds, making compute, storage, and network performance critical to success. To reliably process high volumes of ad traffic at a speed that keeps you ahead of the competition, you need massive capacity and peak compute performance, along with low latency-to-disk and among nodes when it comes to your cloud infrastructure.

To maximize your cloud infrastructure performance, we’ve got some best practices for you to follow.

Bare metal avoids noisy neighbors and affords unfettered access to raw CPU power

Improve your latency-to-disk and assure peak compute performance with bare metal in a cloud deployment. With Bluemix, you choose a processor that best meets your performance needs. You can be online in minutes with hourly bare metal servers, or provision a server of your choice in an IBM Cloud data center and be online in two to four hours. With complete control over the server, you don’t have to worry about noisy neighbors.

Minimize latency-to-disk and maximize I/O performance with the right configuration

Ad tech workloads perform best on local SSD and NVMe drives. We provide bare metal configuration options that allow for these high-performance storage resources. You have the control to customize RAM, SSD hard drives, and more. Bluemix bare metal servers provide the power you demand for your processor- and disk I/O-intensive workloads.

Ready to learn more? Our solution brief, “Ad Tech: Where Milliseconds Matter,” provides additional tips and best practices for ad tech companies, including:

  • More best practices for maximizing cloud infrastructure performance
  • Tips for minimizing latency to ad networks
  • Smarter ad buying and mobile advertising delivery platforms with cognitive services

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