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OpenWhisk is GA! Here’s how to move from beta

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openwhisk hero mediumBye bye, beta: IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk is now generally available (GA)!

Your existing entities (actions, triggers, rules, etc.) will continue to work—there is no migration needed. However, you will need to migrate your API keys by January 17, 2017.

OpenWhisk’s simple and competitive pricing model is immediately active.

What you need to know and do

The End of Beta Date: December 13, 2016

For a period of 30 days after December 13, 2016 through January 12, 2017, all existing beta API keys will continue to work on the CLI. Any scripts you have written will continue to function.

The End of Beta Support Date: January 12, 2017

After January 12, 2017, your pre-GA API keys will no longer function. Please see this article on how to migrate your keys.

If you use the Cloudant change feed and have not yet updated your code so that you are no longer using the deprecated parameter ‘includeDoc’, please ensure that you do so before December 15, 2016. Please see this article for more information.

The End of Targeted Functionality: January 12, 2017

The following targeted functionality becomes unavailable on January 12, 2017. Deprecations and migration options are:

  • Node.js Runtime SDK: whisk.invoke, whisk.trigger, whisk.error have been deprecated
    Migration: Use npm openwhisk
  • Node.js version 0.12 Has been deprecated
    Migration: Use Node.JS 6.x
  • Swift version 2 has been deprecated (and sunsets on January 12, 2017)
    Migration: Use Swift 3
  • The Watson package (/whisk.system/watson) has been deprecated
    Migration: Use the new Watson, which includes the same functionality with different names (watson-translator, watson-textToSpeech, watson-speechToText)
  • The Util package (/whisk.system/util) has been deprecated
    Migration: Use the new package (/whisk.system/utils/)
  • The ‘echo’ action in the Samples package (/whisk.system/samples/echo) has been deprecated
    Migration: Use the ‘echo’ action in the Utils package (/whisk.system/utils/echo)

As always, we’re here to help! Reach out to us in the support forums or on Twitter.


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