Beyond Cyber Monday: Shipping Logistics App Built on Bluemix

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shipping logisctics factory

Are you anxiously waiting for your Cyber Monday packages to arrive on your doorstep?

The presents you’ve bought for your friends and family (and yourself) have a longer shipping history than just the distance you see on your tracking number.

Whether it’s raw materials, retail goods, luggage or other items, tracking goods from place of origin to destination is a huge industry challenge. Over $30 billion a year are lost due to lost or stolen cargo freight.

P.L.M. Industries and the IBM Bluemix Garage built an app on Bluemix to provide visibility into the shipping logistics from manufacturer to end user. The Smart Pro Tracking System uses the Internet of Things Platform to provide a freight tracking solution for companies.

P.L.M. worked with the Garage to develop a solution that was focused on the end user’s experience. The teams used IBM Design Thinking, pair programming, agile practices along with IBM Bluemix to build an app that would cater to the end user and target market needs.

To learn more about their experience building this cargo freight solution, check out this video.

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