Webinar: The one thing you need to optimize your hybrid cloud

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When was the last time you stopped to think about how you’re managing your application environments? You know what I mean… questions like “how do I set up and manage our dev/test and production environments across our hybrid cloud,” and “how fast can I move my application environments from a public cloud to my private cloud, seamlessly, with no errors?” If these are a few questions that have been on your mind lately, read further.

Let’s face it, each organization’s needs are different and multifaceted, as are the forces compelling them to act. Regardless of whether you are delivering cloud-native or cloud-enabled applications, you need a simple, automated way to deploy the environments that your apps run in.

Hybrid cloud is the new norm, and it’s time to not only grow with it, but expect more from your hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Ready to optimize your hybrid cloud?

We invite you join us and check out a new webinar entitled – The one thing you need to optimize your hybrid cloud.

During this on-demand presentation, you’ll hear from Nita Maheswaren, IBM Bluemix Local System and PureApplication Offering Manager, on the challenges organizations are facing with hybrid cloud, and how they can optimize their infrastructures to accelerate application environment deployment.

Nita will share why 7 in 10 IT decision makers will always have a blend of traditional IT and cloud. He will also discuss some key design principles for organizations seeking to create private clouds to satisfy regulatory compliance and protect the security and privacy of data.

You’ll also be introduced to the newly released IBM Bluemix Local System (the renamed generation 3 version of IBM PureApplication System), which allows you to run both cloud-enabled and cloud-native applications on the same platform, behind your own firewall. With this new private cloud platform, you can focus on the agility and innovation of your applications, while IBM manages the rest.

Register now!

It’s time to get started! Join use for the webinar and join the conversation on Twitter by tweeting @IBMPureSystems or by using the hashtags #PureApp or #BluemixLocalSystem.

And remember… it’s never too late, or too early, to expect more from your hybrid cloud.

Content Marketing Lead, IBM Cloud

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