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Powertrack users – Insights for Twitter is moving to Gnip 2.0

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The Insights for Twitter service on IBM Bluemix currently uses Gnip 1.0. Gnip is Twitter’s API platform that allows you, our customer, to interact with Twitter using our service.

What is changing?

On November 28, the Insights for Twitter service on IBM Bluemix will start using Gnip 2.0 instead of Gnip 1.0. Twitter will stop supporting Gnip 1.0 as of December 1, 2016.

How it may affect you

Gnip 2.0 brings new data types and more powerful rules and queries, among other benefits. However, please note that this has significant implications for you if you are using Powertrack.  Some examples of changes are: deprecation of some operators of the Powertrack rules and revisions to the way others are interpreted by Gnip 2.0. Such changes may result in a Powertrack 1.0 rule to receive incorrect results or an error message. The Powertrack 2.0 details can be found here.

What you need to do

If you are using Powertrack, you must migrate your Powertrack rules to comply with Gnip 2.0 when the Insights for Twitter service moves over to Gnip 2.0.

Where to get help

All that you need to know regarding Gnip 2.0 is available here. This includes the changes, the impact of the changes, guides for migrating from 1.0 to 2.0, examples and documentation.

If you need help during your migration of Powertrack rules, our engineers will be glad to help. You can post a question on dW Answers or open a support ticket.

In summary, Insights for Twitter will start using Gnip 2.0 instead of Gnip 1.0 starting November 28th. At that point Gnip 1.0 will not be supported. Since your Powertrack 1.0 queries may be impacted, please plan on migrating your queries to 2.0 when we make it available.

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