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Private network peering for IBM Containers

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As of May 23rd IBM Bluemix Container Service now provides a native Kubernetes operations experience while removing the burden of maintaining master nodes. Kubernetes itself is based on the Docker engine for managing software images and instantiating containers. Get the details.

Do you have IBM Containers in Bluemix? Do you need private network peering options for your highly available container groups running in different spaces, in the same organization? Are you looking for private network peering options for IBM Containers across the Bluemix regions?

It’s great that you get private network overlays in the IBM Containers service with each Bluemix space (tenant private network), but what if you need containers to communicate between two or more spaces (tenant private networks)? Look no further…We now have private network peering Bluemix CLI beta support to the rescue.

If you’re running highly available container groups in different spaces or tenant private networks in the same US South or United Kingdom Bluemix region, and want communication between these container groups, private network peering Bluemix CLI allows you to setup and manage this connectivity in a simplified way.

Also, if you are running containers in different spaces located in US South and United Kingdom Bluemix regions and want communication between these containers (single or container groups), then private network peering Bluemix CLI allows you to setup and manage this connectivity in a simplified way.

For more details on how to enable and configure the private network peering beta version of the plugin, please refer to the following link: Private network peering Bluemix CLI plug-in

For details on Private Container Networking and how to use private network peering for connecting two spaces please refer to IBM Containers Private Networking

For details on running high available container groups in different spaces in the same organization and using private network peering please refer to Highly Available Container Groups connectivity across spaces in the same organization.

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