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Get a Free Cloudant Developer Edition Instance in Less Than a Minute

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IBM Cloudant Developer Edition now available as a free Docker image

Starting today, IBM Cloudant Developer Edition is now available as a free downloadable Docker image. We are making this available for all developers to easily try out the capabilities of IBM Cloudant, built on Apache CouchDB. Cloudant Developer Edition is a fully featured standalone, single-node version of our Cloudant Local product, licensed for development purposes only (not supported for production environments or for use with production data).

cloudant developer edition bannner

IBM Cloudant Developer Edition allows developers the freedom to develop Cloudant applications in the environment of their choice, while ensuring 100% compatibility with any full cluster aware/production instance of Cloudant Local or Cloudant database-as-a-service (DBaaS) on IBM Bluemix. The combination of Cloudant Local and Cloudant DBaaS provides a platform for hybrid cloud, enabling organizations to easily build, deploy and manage solutions that span on-premises and cloud environments.

IBM Cloudant is committed to the Apache CouchDB open source project and has contributed code from the BigCouch fork to the newly released CouchDB 2.0 codebase. Cloudant Developer Edition is based on an earlier snapshot of the CouchDB 2.0 codebase and includes most of the improvements that are being brought forward with CouchDB 2.0.

Get started with Cloudant Developer Edition in minutes

It’s easy to get started with Cloudant Developer Edition, as it’s made available as a Docker image. As of this writing, Docker doesn’t natively support Windows and Mac platforms, but you can leverage Docker Toolbox on these platforms to get started. Once you have Docker installed and set up, it takes just a few minutes to get up and running with Cloudant Developer Edition. There are basically 3 commands to execute:

  1. docker pull to pull the image down.
  2. docker run to start the container.
  3. docker exec to accept the license and again to initialize the data volume.

You need to accept the license before you can initialize the data volume. After completing these commands, you will be able to access the dashboard by following the URL http://ip-address-of-container:8080/dashboard.html in your browser (you can easily find the IP address of your container by issuing the command docker-machine ls which lists all the details including the IP address of your docker machine). Cloudant Support is not available for this edition – feel free to submit any technical questions at Stack Overflow using the tag #cloudant.

There you have it – get your own free IBM Cloudant Local instance within a few minutes.

Happy developing with Cloudant Developer Edition!

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