Webinar: Navigating Hybrid Cloud with Bluemix

Hybrid Cloud Is About Choice Hybrid cloud IT architecture empowers businesses to rapidly innovate applications and engage customers better. In this two-part webinar, we’ll cover the market shift to hybrid cloud and share best practices on adopting hybrid cloud:

  • Frost & Sullivan executive analyst Lynda Stadtmueller explains the challenges and benefits of hybrid cloud adoption in enterprise organizations.
  • Bluemix Garage expert Kyle Brown presents best practices for implementing a customized hybrid cloud architecture to fit your evolving IT strategy.

Note: The Part 1 discussion centers around Frost & Sullivan’s report “Using Hybrid Cloud Strategy to Drive Business Value“; interested viewers may wish to peruse it prior to watching the webinar.

Featured Speakers

Lynda Stadtmueller, Frost & Sullivan, VP of Cloud Computing Services (@lstadtmueller)
Kyle Brown, IBM, CTO of IBM Cloud Architecture and Solution Engineering (@kgb1001001)

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Kelley Anders

Dan / Kyle,
Regarding active and passive Bluemix System. How do you ensure that no data is lost if you have to failover to the passive system if you are not actively syncing both systems? Or do you have to set an expectation of from last save and then adjust your save times accordingly? Thanks.


Kyle Brown

Hey Kelley – There are two assumptions you have to make in order to assume no data is lost: (a) You have to assume that your runtimes are stateless – that is you don’t store data anywhere except inside a database. (b) You have to assume that your back-end services (e.g. databases) are actively synced. We can do that today in Bluemix with several of our databases like Cloudant and DB2 as a Service. I hope that helps!

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