IBM Blue Box secures mission-critical applications for Cloudsoft

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Hybrid cloud has become key to enabling enterprise growth and innovation, as adoption strategies continue to mature. When Cloudsoft, the leading hybrid cloud application management company, began to expand its global footprint, the ability to maintain privacy and control over its clients’ data was critical. As IBM recently announced, Cloudsoft is now running its flagship product, Cloudsoft Application Management Platform (AMP), on the IBM Blue Box Cloud.

Cloudsoft and its customers now can deploy and manage applications in IBM Blue Box OpenStack-powered private clouds in IBM Cloud Data Centers in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific, thereby helping clients meet their regulatory governance and compliance requirements. Cloudsoft AMP policies can control precisely which components run where – giving clients even more choice and control over where their data is processed. This feature is key for clients in regulated industries, because it lets them keep their data in-country.

Tapping into a private network

Additionally, by tapping into IBM’s global network of Cloud Data Centers, Cloudsoft gives its customers faster software downloads and better application performance using IBM’s private, high-speed network. Cloudsoft AMP on IBM Cloud gives customers a dedicated cloud infrastructure that lets them run business-critical applications and services worldwide, with greater transparency and efficiency.

“Implementing Cloudsoft AMP on IBM Blue Box across IBM Cloud Data Centers will allow us to meet the increased demand from customers for hybrid cloud solutions built on OpenStack,” said Duncan Johnston-Watt, CEO, Cloudsoft Corporation. “The combination of Blue Box’s best-in-class OpenStack service and IBM Cloud’s global footprint and unique private network will enable us to model, deploy and manage our customers’ business critical applications and services worldwide.”

Cloudsoft AMP blueprints can target multiple IBM Cloud Data Center locations running Blue Box clouds, simplifying the deployment and management of distributed applications. Use cases include blockchain networks, multi-site database replication, and globally load-balanced offerings with shared backend services.

The latest and greatest of OpenStack, delivered

Blue Box has initiated our OpenStack upgrade process to Mitaka for customers, bringing them the latest and greatest. Cloudsoft now is leveraging Mitaka to create a Federated Keystone Identity Server, which gives the company a singular, integrated view of its global cloud deployments for clients and simplifies the internal sign-on process.

“Over the past two years, we’ve helped Cloudsoft scale its footprint from one data center in the U.S. to three locations in major financial regions worldwide,” said Jesse Proudman, IBM Distinguished Engineer, IBM Cloud. “We’ve also improved the offering by introducing features like Federated Keystone identity management, supporting hybrid cloud implementations through simplified management across multiple global data centers.”

Blue Broker: Leveraging Bluemix on Blue Box

Besides being an IBM Blue Box customer, Cloudsoft is an IBM-recommended partner solution for enhancing Bluemix Local, as part of a digital innovation platform. Blue Broker from Cloudsoft lets clients utilize existing on-premise resources rapidly, such as databases running in Bluemix on Blue Box. Blue Broker integrates with Cloud Foundry, and it acts as a bridge between Bluemix and Cloudsoft’s AMP.


Once Blue Broker is installed in a client’s Bluemix environment, it takes only a few minutes to add an existing on-premise database to the Bluemix Local catalog for developers. Developers are empowered to improve their agility, while keeping their data secure and on-premise. Learn more about the integration in the blog post Cloudsoft Blue Broker: Secure, automated access to enterprise databases.

About IBM Blue Box

In June 2015, IBM acquired Blue Box, a company that provides businesses with an easy-to-consume private cloud as a service (PCaaS) platform. With this acquisition, IBM Blue Box alone delivers a private cloud infrastructure with the simplicity of a public cloud, which will meet the expectations of users and provide the pathway forward to hybrid cloud. IBM Blue Box is powered by OpenStack. It can be delivered to clients through IBM Cloud data centers around the world, whether on dedicated SoftLayer infrastructure, or locally in the client’s data center of choice – thereby providing the options and scale that clients need to address their unique requirements. For more information about IBM Blue Box, visit

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