Watson IoT Platform V1 API deprecation

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In August last year, Watson IoT Platform released version 2 of the Watson IoT Platform APIs, including all the features from the version 1 API and introducing new features and new ways to interact with existing features of the platform, including:

  • Device Management firmware download, update and reboot
  • Bulk operations to register multiple devices at once
  • Get and update device location
  • Diagnostics: Access logs and error codes
  • Status of the service
  • Access extension services
  • Last Event Cache

Nitty gritty API details are available on IBM Watson IoT Platform API. The V1 API removal will happen in the next couple of weeks. A precise time and date will be announced on the Watson IoT Platform status page.

How to migrate from Watson IoT Platform V1 APIs

If you’re using the Watson IoT client libraries, then just download the latest version for your language and environment. If you are calling the REST API directly, then you will at least need to change the URLs for the functionality that you’re using.

See Updating to version 2 of the Watson IoT Platform API for details of changes between the version 1 and version 2 APIs and the kinds of changes you’ll need to make in your application.

If you have not already done so, please migrate your apps off V1 ASAP! For help, please post your question in the dW Answers forum for IoT.

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