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Announcing Liberty buildpack & WAS V9

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As of May 23rd IBM Bluemix Container Service now provides a native Kubernetes operations experience while removing the burden of maintaining master nodes. Kubernetes itself is based on the Docker engine for managing software images and instantiating containers. Get the details.

Liberty buildpack v3.0 with the latest version of WebSphere Liberty is now deployed in Bluemix. The new Liberty runtime will be part of the upcoming WebSphere Application Server V9 release. With the v3.0 buildpack, the new runtime is available for Bluemix applications first and a week ahead of the official release date!

Up until now, the Liberty buildpack provided Liberty runtime based on the monthly beta release. Starting with v3.0, in addition to the monthly release, the buildpack will provide the latest stable release of the Liberty runtime. The latest stable release will be the default runtime and will typically be updated on a quarterly basis. The stable release in the Liberty buildpack will provide a consistent runtime between Cloud Foundry applications, IBM containers, WebSphere Application Server for Bluemix, and on-premises applications.

The v3.0 buildpack provides the Liberty runtime stable release and the 2016.6.0.0 monthly release.

The stable release does not provide any beta features. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of the beta features or experiment with the latest functionality, you must configure your application to use the monthly release. To do so, set the following environment variable and re-stage your application:

$ cf set-env myapp JBP_CONFIG_LIBERTY "version: +"
$ cf restage myapp

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