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ASP.NET Core buildpack goes to beta

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Last May, we announced the availability of the ASP.NET 5 buildpack as an experimental runtime in Bluemix. Today we are announcing the availability of the ASP.NET Core buildpack as a beta runtime in Bluemix.

This new buildpack release includes the following changes:

  • Uses the latest version of the .NET CLI (currently version 1.0.0-preview1)
  • Supports ASP.NET Core version 1.0.0-rc2-final.
  • Supports .NET Core console applications running on .NET CLI.

Moving from DNX to .NET CLI

With the change to the .NET CLI from DNX, old applications which required the DNX toolchain will no longer work with this buildpack. For best results, upgrade your application to run with the new tools and ASP.NET Core RC2. See the ASP.NET announcements repository for a list of breaking changes that may affect your application. You can still run an application that uses the DNX toolchain by using an older version of the buildpack. However, this version is deprecated and will not be updated.

Try one of our ASP.NET Core RC2 sample applications using Bluemix services

We currently have the following sample applications available to demonstrate using Bluemix services with ASP.NET Core RC2:

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