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New IoT for Automotive services to develop applications for location & driver behavior

IBM is releasing two new services through Bluemix that can be utilized through our IoT for Automotive solution. They are Context Mapping and Driver Behavior. We appreciate all the feedback we received from you while these were previously available as experimental. The developer community is always critical to helping us understand your challenges and to continuously improve our offerings.

Context Mapping – road network related services

Context Mapping The Context Mapping service, as the name suggests, brings map context in real-time to vehicles and events on road networks. It utilizes IBM patented high-performance algorithms, offering the several new capabilities through REST API calls:

  • Highly accurate map matching that use the road network geometry.
  • Manipulation of real-time events on a map, such as traffic.
  • Dynamic shortest path search (route search) considering real-time events, such as traffic.
  • Retrieval of the road geometry data that can be used for drawing road shapes on a map

Driver Behavior – identify risky behavior or violations

Driver Behavior Driver Behavior service help understand individual driving patterns of a vehicle operator to identify risky behavior or violation of policies. The service employs real-time computation on a vehicle’s location data stream, offering the following capabilities through REST API calls:

  • Speed related: Anxious Acceleration, Harsh Brake, Over Speed, Frequent Stop, Frequent Acceleration, Frequent Brake
  • Turn related: Sharp Turn (High Speed Turn), Acceleration Before Turn, Break-out Turn
  • Others: Fatigue Driving (Tired Driving)

A variety of applications can be built through these services that include navigational assistance, and contextualizing roads and weather incidents. In addition, these services can understand vehicle usage patterns across a cross-section of vehicle owners, fleet operations, rating drivers for insurance risks. Finally, drivers are 10x more likely to get into an accident if they’re distracted, emotional or upset as this might be detected through driving anomalies enabling the vehicle to signal drivers to ensure greater safety.

We want your feedback!

We appreciate the feedback that we’ve already received and we look for more suggestions to help continue to build these new services for automotive applications. Feel free to add your comments below or tweet @IBMBluemix. The new services Driver Behavior and Context Mapping are published in the catalog in the Internet of Things category under “Experimental”.

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Do you intend to support “Crash Alerts” and related video at the crash site ?



What context mapping will help you do is place a crash event on the map or query for crash events that are already on the map. Related video feed is not supported by these services



Great news. Thanks.



Great news..When will you release these services? I’ve already used Geospatial analytics in my campaign management projects. Can’t wait to use your driving behavior and context mapping services..

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