Bluemix in the News

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Bluemix in the News

InterConnect 2016 in Las Vegas is now over, but it brought a plethora of announcements! This concise post will summarize announcements, videos, and events about Bluemix that you won’t want to miss.


  • How IBM Stole Google’s Thunder
    “Google really wanted to announce this and then all of a sudden IBM did a ninja move, and it was IBM’s deal,” said one source close to VMware who had knowledge of the process.
  • GitHub Enterprise is coming to IBM’s Bluemix
    IBM and GitHub will deliver GitHub Enterprise as a dedicated service on Bluemix across private and hybrid cloud environments, giving corporate developers a new way to code and work with GitHub’s collaborative development tools in a private, controlled environment.
  • Apple gives IBM huge leg up in cloud wars and IBM puts Swift in the cloud
    IBM Cloud becomes the first cloud computing platform to support the smash hit Apple Swift programming language. It provides enterprise app developers with is a set of tools for writing software in Swift that’s intended to run on servers, rather than smartphones.
  • IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk: Radically simplifying the development process
    OpenWhisk, a distributed compute service for developing and executing application logic in response to events, provides a rich set of building blocks that they can easily glue/stitch together, enabling developers to focus more on value-adding business logic and less on low-level infrastructural and operational details.
  • IBM WebSphere Connect extends WebSphere portfolio to the cloud
    Announcing IBM WebSphere Connect, which extends IBM’s industry leading WebSphere portfolio to the cloud. With more than 200 million global licenses of WebSphere, IBM’s middleware portfolio is the leading platform for Java EE.



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