Introducing the Swift Runtime for IBM Bluemix

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IBM is announcing the next steps in our roadmap to bring Swift to the Cloud.

The response to Swift being open sourced has been amazing. It is just over 2 months since being open sourced, and it is already the most starred, forked, and watched open source language on Github. Since IBM unveiled our IBM Swift Sandbox at the same time, we have seen over 100K users and well over half a million code runs in the Sandbox.

Radical Simplification

Providing easy access to Swift on Linux is essential to help the community explore and build new server-side capabilities in Swift. In contrast to the process of setting up a new machine, installing Linux, installing Swift system dependencies, and then installing the latest Swift binary releases to then be able to run Swift code on Linux, the IBM Swift Sandbox removes all of these steps for the developer and allows them simply to write Swift code in a web browser and have it run on Linux behind the scenes.

With this same aim of radical simplification, we are happy to announce the availability of the Swift Runtime in IBM Bluemix. This runtime leverages the Cloud Foundry open source swift-buildpack, which allows developers to deploy Swift web applications directly to IBM Bluemix. Upon submission of your Swift Application to Bluemix, Bluemix will host your application by completing the following steps: provide access to a Linux container, load the latest Swift binaries, issue a command to build your application via’s Package Manager, run your built application, and finally make your running application available via a public URL.

Get Started Now

All of this capability is available to Swift developers now on Bluemix! For more information on getting started now with this buildpack, please refer to Ricardo’s blog on our Swift@IBM blog.

These are exciting times as we continue to work to bring Swift to the Cloud. For more information regarding all of the Swift activities at IBM, please follow us on our Swift@IBM Developer site.

—Patrick Bohrer (@pbohrer), DE, IBM Swift Engineering at IBM Cloud

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