More developerWorks Premium perks: commit, pull, and fork in private GitHub repositories

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If you are going to build the next big thing in software, you will likely be spending time pulling and forking in GitHub. We realize that it requires many resources to achieve greatness in engineering. We created a single solution to help you get there called developerWorks Premium, the new developer turnkey toolkit from IBM.

Get 5 Private Repositories in GitHub

Founded in 2008, GitHub is widely known as the world’s largest repository of open source code with over 10 million registered users and over 25 million repositories. GitHub’s collaborative features make it easy for developers to store, share, and code distributed revision control and source code management.

A developer’s dream, developerWorks Premium is a complete package of developer benefits, including 5 private repositories for one month on GitHub, plus much more.

The journey for many successful software projects started with collaboration and a few forks and pulls in GitHub repositories. Job seeking developers know that if they want to get a job at an open source company, their list of GitHub commits is more important than a LinkedIn resume. GitHub is not only the library for the world’s code — through comments, bug reports, feature requests and an extensive history of changes — GitHub helps developers and their projects improve over time.

The new developerWorks Premium subscription comes with 5 private GitHub repositories in addition to the benefits below to help developers build the next big app, today.

Learn more about developerWorks Premium.

What you get with developerWorks Premium:

  • Up to 50% off developer events from IBM and our partners, including InterConnect, Insight, and Box Dev.
  • 12-month Bluemix subscription with 240 USD credits to develop apps with services.
  • 12-month access to SoftLayer Virtual Machine with up to 540 USD credits (45 USD per month) to create your development sandbox.
  • GitHub Micro personal plan with 5 private repositories for one month.
  • Online technical books from Safari Books Online covering the hottest developer topics such as agile development, Java programming, iOS, Node.js, PHP, and Spark.
  • Complete video replays of recent O’Reilly conferences such as Solid, Velocity, and Strata + Hadoop.
  • Complimentary certification test and training for IBM Cloud Application Developer Certification.
  • Always-on community support.

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Jez Nicholson

GitHub for only *one* month when everything else is for 12?

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