Use The Force – Move a Star Wars droid BB8 with Your Mind

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BB-8 and mind control, star wars droid, bb8 bb8 star wars droidWith the release of the new Star Wars film moviegoers everywhere are being re-introduced to The Force and its power. More than a few people may even walk out imagining what life would be like in a world inhabited by The Force.

While we may never be able to control each other’s minds, the ability to manipulate the physical world through our speech, and even our thoughts, is very much a reality today. It is a reality being made more possible all the time by advances in technology like Natural Language Processing, sensors and IoT.

It is possible to move a BB-8 Droid with your mind…

3rd party hardware included in this video
Emotiv Insights:
Sphero BB-8 Droid:

IoT changes how we interact with the physical world

The Internet of Things is really a two-sided coin.

On the one hand it is taking dumb things and making them smart; things like your fridge, the door to your house, elements in your car or even a kid’s toy. It’s about engaging technologies that we’re used to and familiar with and then getting them onto the internet and making it meaningful.

Then the other side to this coin – which this video is really about – is taking things that are already internet enabled and combining them together to have new and meaningful interactions.

Companies like SilverHook Powerboats use IoT to help monitor and optimize engine performance during races.

IoT Resources for Developers

For developers that want to get started building their next IoT application on Bluemix, these resources can help get you moving in the right direction:

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This is exciting!!


Arun Madan

Good demo


Ann Marie

Fun! I wish my BB-8 droid had a neural interface.



Great video.
Where did you get the API to control the BB8 ?


June Diane Rapheal

But what’s its mission?



Awesome !



Wow, this is really cool. I can’t believe this is real.


Roberto Navarro

Please share this technology with Stephen Hawking before he gets uncommunicated.

Congrats guys.



Jennifer Rosenberg

So if we can train the headset to recognize things, could someone please come up with a program that lets me wear a headset while typing, and teach the headset to recognize what my brain does while typing, with hopes that when I lose the use of my hands due to arthritis (probably inevitable) I can still write? I type at 70-90 wpm when my hands work, but the idea of eye gaze options is unappealingly slow. Brain activated computer input would save my hands and shoulders from slow decay. Mousing is actually the worst, but typing is my life.

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