Cloud Market Study by Forrester Research

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Last month IBM commissioned Forrester Research to ask 200 IT leaders in the US, Europe, and Latin America about their current cloud computing deployments and their plans for the next two years.

These IT leaders currently deploy applications for customer engagement, operations, and analytics to public elastic and virtual private clouds. Surprisingly, 90% of respondents already have moved systems of record to the cloud in support of these applications. And the advantages of more quickly implementing and iterating applications—with the focus of better engaging customers—trumps all, including security, in deciding to move more systems of record to the cloud within the next 8 quarters.

Below is an example response from the report:

Looking across the applications your enterprise has deployed to the cloud, what benefits have you experienced through cloud adoption?
What benefits has your enterprise experienced through cloud adoption?

Most interestingly, though respondents overwhelmingly would prefer to deploy their systems in a private cloud, they hesitate to do so for lack of expertise both in implementing and managing such platforms. Respondents currently risk some security for the greater business advantages they perceive in deploying to hosted clouds.

If you would like to hear more about their findings, register now to attend the webinar on October 28th, 2015:

Analyst John Rymer will elaborate on the results of the Forrester survey and discuss them with IBM Bluemix Technical Product Manager Jeff Brent.

Profile of Respondents

All respondents play a primary IT role for business-to-business supply and services companies with 500 or more employees and that operate in industries including IT itself (20%), manufacture and materials (10%), financial services and insurance (10%), business and consumer services (10%), electronics (8%), and healthcare (5%).

Geographically, respondents work in the US (70%), UK (30%), Germany (30%), France (30%), Mexico (20%), Brazil (20%).

Within their organizations, 41% of respondents are chief of their line, 12% are vice presidents, 25% are directors, and 22% are managers.

Most importantly, 81% of respondents make final IT decisions; 16% influence decisions, and 3% are involved in decisions.

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