Getting Started with Bluemix and StrongLoop

StrongLoop, an IBM company StrongLoop, an IBM Company, is one of the leaders of the Node.js community. They offer powerful API capabilities and Node.js DevOps tools, which means exciting things for Bluemix. For those starting from scratch wanting to create a Node.js application with powerful API and CRUD capabilities, look to the LoopBack framework. For those with existing Node.js applications, look to using StrongLoop Arc’s management and DevOps tools to actively monitor your application.

LoopBack provides an open source Node.js framework for your apps that you can extend as needed. With LoopBack, you can easily create REST APIs. You can access data from various databases, MongoDB, and SOAP and REST APIs. Your apps can use various mobile services such as geo-location, file, and push. You can base your apps on Android, iOS, and JavaScript SDKs, and can run them on-prem or in the cloud.

StrongLoop Arc is a graphical UI for the StrongLoop platform that complements the StrongLoop slc command line tools. Arc includes tools for building, profiling, and monitoring Node.js apps.

See StrongLoop on Bluemix!

In the video below, Al Tsang, StrongLoop CTO, explains how StrongLoop and Bluemix will be combined into a seamless hybrid experience. He briefly summarizes the strengths of each product and then demonstrates a sample application leveraging StrongLoop Arc’s local management capabilities now available on Bluemix.

Try StrongLoop on Bluemix!

To get started, if you haven’t done so already, sign up for your free 30 day trial of Bluemix. You’ll find the “starters” of preconfigured packages of sample code and services in the catalog:

  • LoopBack Starter — This is a sample StrongLoop LoopBack Node.js application, powered by the open source LoopBack framework used to compose APIs
  • StrongLoop Arc — This application is the StrongLoop Arc graphical UI, which includes tools for building, profiling and monitoring Node apps

The video below shows the LoopBack sample application deployed to Bluemix, followed by a demonstration of how to control it via StrongLoop Arc’s Process Manager:

To get started, log into Bluemix and select the deploy button below:
Click these buttons and you will be launched into StrongLoop on Bluemix.

Deploy a Sample LoopBack App
Deploy to Bluemix

Deploy StrongLoop Arc
Deploy to Bluemix

Check out strongloop-bluemix/loopback-example-app on GitHub for more information!

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Hans van Mingroot

Welcome !



Couple of questions,

I’ve installed instances of the sample app and Arc in Bluemix from the starters.

1. How do you secure the Process Manager created from the sample application? I imagine as it’s running now, anyone with my PM hostname can muck with my application.

2. When I try to view the metrics in Arc, none of the graphs appear. I see this error in the console. Any ideas?

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘cpu’ of undefined
at (native)
at completeOutstandingRequest (


    Sai Vennam

    1) We’re working on a more complete solution for this; the sample today is quite basic. For now, you can change the URL where the PM is hosted by using the “PM_URL” environment variable, although that is still not a secure solution. Stay tuned for more developments in this space.
    2) Make sure you are generating some traffic to your application, so Metrics has some data points to collect. The log you’ve posted seems suspicious; I’ll investigate.


Anthony Hervé

Thank you for this very good tutorial.
Just one comment : the url associated to the second deploy button (Deploy StrongLoop Arc) is not correct.



    Dan Kehn

    Thanks, the URL is correct now. :-)


nagendra Shukla

Not sure what’s wrong, but i clicked on first deploy button -> launched to blumix -> clicked on Deploy. then i get “Project creation failed” and “Something went wrong!
404 Not Found”
Anyone Please suggest what could the issue.



I am able to deploy both the apps in Bluemix, i can access both via browser. Now when i try pm on arc to configure first app, its not helping. error os “There is no method to handle GET /ServiceInstances/findOne”


    Sai Vennam

    You need to add a new route to the LoopBack application named: (appending -pm to the app name).

    I suggest using the analogous boilerplates on Bluemix as they are updated more frequently, and have full documentation.

    Check the “Managing your App” section on these docs:


Isha Bobra

I added the route as “” with port 80 to the PM and added that as another route for my bluemix app, still getting the error: “There is no method to handle GET /ServiceInstances/findOne”. What am i missing on?

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