Bluemix Office Hours on Periscope

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Since the launch of Meerkat and Periscope, and then their explosion at SXSW in Austin, TX, brands have taken notice and begun leveraging the use of live streaming social platforms in a variety of ways. Talk show hosts have been able to give behind-the-scenes access to their sets, newscasters are able to give real-time updates of stories as they are happening, while Bluemix has been given a rare opportunity to engage with our users and answer questions as they are developing and using the platform.

Today we are excited to watch as Jeff Sloyer brings us live coverage from the Kranky Geek conference in San Francisco. Jeff will be joined by two of our friends from Twilio, Billy Chia and Rob Brazier as they answer your questions live!

Our live-video platform of choice has been Periscope, as it easily integrates with Twitter and auto-saves the replay for 24 hours. We also have the ability to save our own video to the camera roll after the “scope” has been executed, and upload to YouTube!

Our first Periscope with developer advocate Jake Peyser was held in our lovely IBM Design media lounge here in Austin, TX. You can watch the “Bluemix Office Hours with Jake Peyser” replay on YouTube!

We value the ability to engage with our customers in a real-time platform that engages them and brings in our team members who are working on the product to feature tutorials and interviews.
Jake Peyser, Developer Advocate

Then Jake took us overseas to Japan and Singapore to answer our questions abroad! He covered topics from Watson to Alchemy. Our next scope will feature Jake Peyser from our Austin location. We are very excited about the ability to engage with our current users and discuss the services that they are using with our experts, in order to provide them the feedback they need on a weekly basis.

To register for future Bluemix Office Hours on Periscope, sign up using our Eventbrite page and select the next available date. We will send you a friendly reminder of your upcoming session!

See you on the live-stream!

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