Bluemix in the News

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Bluemix in the News

Too busy coding to keep up with all the exciting happenings in the Bluemix world? Well don’t worry! This concise post will summarize announcements, videos, and events that Bluemix has been involved in because we understand your busy schedule, but we also know your desire to learn more about Bluemix!



  • IBM Bluemix and StrongLoop: Integration of Instant Runtimes and API Capabilities
    This demo shows developers how to set up two Bluemix applications, one with StrongLoop’s LoopBack and Process Manager and the other with StrongLoop’s Arc.
  • Win with IBM Bluemix
    IBM Cloud GM PaaS, Steve Robinson, discusses how enterprises are selecting Bluemix as the tool of choice for new development projects and to deploy applications.
  • Digital Content Checker on IBM Bluemix
    The service quickly examines HTML content or EPUB documents, provides a detailed report of all accessibility violations, and then recommends how to fix the issues.
  • Automated Accessibility Tester on IBM Bluemix
    Automates accessibility reporting and auditing capabilities provides detailed insights of accessibility violations so they can be corrected before your application is deployed.
  • IBM Bluemix: Mixing voice & data
    Video call using the new Twilio video API is held between a customer and a customer service agent using IBM Watson Speech to Text service to transcribe the audio in real time and Alchemy API to calculate feedback sentiment.


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