IBM Cloud gets creative with the Urban Art Cloud

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As you may have noticed, the lines between entertainment, art, advertising, informing, selling and collaborating are continuing to blur. Technology has a huge role to play in this. Just take a look at the IBM Urban Art Cloud, a great example of how you can demonstrate transformative technology and encourage individual creativity at the same time:

Urban Art Cloud

As Gunther Pflueger of Offenbach am Main, Germany-based CPP Studios explains, IBM Cloud was looking for an opportunity to showcase the flexibility and scalability of SoftLayer along with the speed, variety, and freedom of the Bluemix cloud-based development tools.

The setting they chose was a street art festival in Munchen, Germany. CPP Studios, with an impressive track record in media showcase development, was chosen to develop the solution — an innovative and portable experience that brings together mapping projection of real-time digital art work, a stored digital gallery, and integrated social media and analytics. Function, storage, social integration, and some analytics—sounds like a pretty common recipe for development projects. Here’s Gunther’s three minutes on it, with some nice imagery:

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