Speaking on MobileFirst and Bluemix at NETC 2015

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While it is incredibly short notice, if you are in Montana I encourage you to come out to NETC 2015 (AKA Mountains of Code) this week to hear me speak on Cordova and MobileFirst. Today I’m giving a 90 minute session on hybrid mobile development with Cordova and Thursday I’ll be discussing MobileFirst (and Bluemix).

Hope to see you there!

Hybrid Mobile Development and the IBM MobileFirst Platform

A look at IBM’s MobileFirst platform and what services it provides for mobile developers. MobileFirst supports both native and hybrid development, but my session will focus on hybrid. Some basic understanding of hybrid development is recommended.

Introduction to Cordova

This is an introductory look at Apache Cordova. It will cover the project, how to use it, best practices, and how it relates to Adobe PhoneGap. No prior experience is required but basic web development skills are recommended.

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