Declaring your API Unreliable

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The digital, mobile, API and IoT economies all rely heavily on underlying APIs. There are many signs that will indicate your APIs are duds and will be rejected by your users sooner than later. If you are still unsure about how or when to call an API unreliable, listen to this discussion (final session in a series of three by IBM API Program Director Andy Thurai and Programmable Web/API Science founder John Musser on the following topics in this podcast:

  • The classic criteria to consider before declaring an API unreliable.
  • Do you realize when your APIs are slow, buggy and unreliable, your mobile apps will inherit that? How do you fix it?
  • The right way to promote your enterprise APIs. Should the public APIs be promoted the same way as private APIs?
  • Should the promotion of travel industry APIs be the same way Twilio promotes its APIs?
  • Should a multi-national corporation use public resources first to promote their APIs or utilize their internal or partner resources first?
  • What are some newer employee roles that must be formed for your API Economy?

[Podcast #1 of this series can be found here]
[Podcast #2 of this series can be found here]

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