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Internet of Things Foundation service lands in London

Holding a passport from an EU member country means that when I flew in to London yesterday all I needed to show was my British passport and I was granted entry. This would have been the same experience in any country of the EU zone.

As well as being a boundary for people, borders sometimes present a control point for the passing of various forms of data. Certain regulated industries, for example, must put in place measures to ensure that data remains with the borders of that regulation. This is commonly referred to as data sovereignty. The Internet of Things and the data it creates is governed by those same regulations.

So it was with great pleasure as I left the plane and headed for customs that I picked up the news from my engineering team that the Internet of Things Foundation service is now available in London.

To access the UK hosted service is as simple as changing the region from US South to UK in your Bluemix account. You can then find the Internet of Things Foundation service in the Bluemix catalog. This will enable you to create a service where your IoT Foundation data is stored and processed within the UK and EU

Note sure quite how to get started? Not a problem, see this collection of helpful resources.

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