Happy Birthday, Bluemix!

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This June marks the one-year anniversary of Bluemix! As the platform reaches this important milestone, IBM has taken this opportunity to celebrate the success that Bluemix has seen in its short, but fruitful existence.

The platform announced public beta in February of 2014, and became generally available a few months later on June 30th. After 6 months, Bluemix secured a slot in the PaaS market, and as it reaches 1 year, it has become a top competitor. IBM is marking this momentous occasion with a series of parties at a selection of Bluemix offices both in the US and abroad. The RTP location in Durham, NC kicked off the celebration in the US yesterday:

Despite the 100 degree heat index, over 200 IBM employees and partners gathered at the IBM Recreation Center to celebrate the last year’s accomplishments. With blue colored decorations everywhere in sight, the attendees happily dug into cold beverages and freshly grilled hamburgers.

Everyone took a break from devouring their meals to listen to Senior Vice President Robert LeBlanc’s retrospective about the evolution of Bluemix and its direction in the upcoming year. LeBlanc, a founding member, was happy to report that the platform, despite its recent entry into the market, is now receiving a similar amount of traffic and activity to its competitors.

He was followed by Cloud GM Steve Robinson, who spoke candidly about his experience as a member of the Bluemix team, from its inception to fruition. He expressed his deep gratitude for the hard work that the Bluemix team had put in and how much they had contributed to the success of the platform.

After a few more short speeches by execs, the speaking was over, and the fun commenced. Execs happily kicked back, cutting the gigantic Bluemix cake and signing posters for everyone.

The party did not stop there. The entertainment ranged from a photo booth, putt-putt, custom spray painted t-shirts, a DJ, cornhole, basketball toss, and the list goes on. The joyous atmosphere made it clear that the anniversary was a much-anticipated and exciting time for all who had contributed to or worked with Bluemix. The celebration continues this month with parties in Austin, New York, San Francisco, and Massachusetts. Happy Birthday Bluemix!

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Yes, happy birthday BlueMix

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