DockerCon 2015 – Containers in your Enterprise!

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DockerCon2015 If you’re holding a ticket to attend DockerCon 2015 in San Francisco, you are one of the lucky few because the conference is SOLD OUT!! DockerCon 2015 is two full days boasting 2000+ attendees with 80% of them being developers. As you plan your DockerCon adventure, think about the goals you have to make your containers ready for a prime time production environment. That might sound scary and a bit overwhelming but not to worry – we have multiple DockerCon activities to ease your fears, raise your game and get serious about running containers in your production environment!

Come by and visit us in the Partner Gallery at booth P2. We’ll be showcasing the integration of Docker Hub Enterprise with release management capabilities to help you with your DevOps pipeline and your IT operations. Also, see how you can deploy your Docker container on Bluemix which provides you the flexibility, portability, and management capabilities essential for making containers ready for your production environment. We’ll be there all day, both days and look forward to helping you level-up to production!

Get some hands-on time!

Wanting to get some hands-on time? The Level up tutorial on Monday, June 22nd at 11:25 in Yerba Buena 14-15 will give you that opportunity to learn how to master containers for production workloads. We will show you how to quickly build, deploy and manage containers in a production environment. Level Up with us, play with the Docker containers you know and love, learn to bind your containers to a different Bluemix services and watch it run. You’ll be able to bind a simple collaborative Etherpad or a Watson Q & A service to your application to experience a real build, ship, run scenario and have a lot of fun while you do it!

At lunch each day at DockerCon, pull up a chair at our Birds of a Feather table; meet with clients and IBM experts to ask them your questions regarding their experience using containers in their enterprise environments.

You won’t want to miss any of the DockerCon 2015 main tent sessions to hear about how Docker is partnering with IBM to enable and extend container technology to your production environments. Come hear Jason McGee, IBM Fellow, who will take part in the Day 2 keynote.

This is just the beginning of this Docker adventure. As Platimum sponsor of DockerCon 2015, we are excited to be participating with you and helping you deliver your Docker container solution into your production environment! Let’s continue this conversation find us enjoying DockerCon 2015 or on Twitter: @kimicousins | @TedMazanec1 | @IBMBluemix

Co-authored by Ted Mazanec

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