Using the Bluemix Status/Notifications Facility

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The Bluemix Status page is the central place to find announcements about key events affecting the Bluemix platform and the major services in Bluemix:

  • Planned maintenance windows – posted at least 24 hours in advance (except in extreme circumstances)
  • Unplanned incidents or “outages” – posted as soon as the Operations team becomes aware of them, and regularly updated until resolve
  • Security bulletins
  • Other platform-wide announcements of general interest to users

Where can I find the Bluemix Status page?

  • Click the link labeled “Status” in the user account widget located in the upper-right corner of your Bluemix console as shown below:
    Bluemix Status/Notifications Facility
  • Or, access the page directly at Bluemix Status and Notifications

For more details, please see the Bluemix status and notifications on the Bluemix documentation site. It describes, for example, how you can also be alerted of any notifications by subscribing to the RSS feed for the Bluemix Status page. This provides a way for you to get updates without having to regularly consult the status page.

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