InterConnect 2015: Opening General Session

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Just a quick recap! To see a replay of the today’s session, go to IBM InterConnectGO 2015. Today’s opening general session opened with live music to warm up the crowd. Then IBM Senior VP Robert LeBlanc introduced a series of IBM customers who are embracing cloud strategy, starting with Airbus.


Airbus is connecting all devices surrounding the pilot, maintenance crews—and the aircraft itself. The goal is reduction of turnaround time by more efficiently coordinating the tasks for arriving/departing flights, ideally to only 25 minutes on the ground.

Citi presented examples of how they are innovating in their “Mobil Challenge”, similar to IBM Hackathons.


JoinPay simplifies split payments. Citi recognizes they must embrace change since the need for banking isn’t going away, but the traditional role of banks will change as customer expectations evolve.


Coreill Life Sciences explained how their GeneDose application uses analyzes a patient’s medication regime to recommend a combination with the lowest risk and highest efficacy.

Coriell Life Sciences

The Mayo Client described how they use data analysis to match patients to clinical trials. MD Anderson Cancer Center explained how they use technology to extend the reach of skilled oncologists with Oncology Expert Advisor.

Mayo Clinic

Robert opened the session by asking “Are you a disruptor or are you going to be the disrupted?” He ended the session by arguing that the cloud is a key enabler of the (good) disruptive business model.

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